The MBTA Fine Art Print Series By Studio Shangri-La

The first MBTA orange line print in the slideshow I made to have a graphic, pop art or ink blot affect. And it was trying a new look. Thanks to interest from TurningArt, I produced more pieces in this style.

More info to come on this Boston themed project and others.

Studio Shangri-La Podcast: Quantum Biology Concepts & Multidimensional Life — Part I

Stay tuned for Part II. The multidimensional Studio Shangri-La Arts & Sciences Podcast is open to ideas and guests. Please message using the contact page. Topics include but are not limited to science & technology, arts & culture, cosmology, philosophy & spirituality. The operating mode is fascinating topics, with an uplifting solutions-based tilt.

OCTAVES New Music Friday: Crunk Cyborg & Rebel Veteran Album “Got Cache” + Upcoming Releases

OUT TODAY 12.2.22

Crunk Cyborg & Rebel Veteran


On Apple Music



& a whole to more outlets + 86 countries!

Coming Soon…


ODD CIRCUIT — MIAMI 33139 Main + Dub


ARTEMIS AMENTI — Give Your Peace A Chance

Studio Shangri-La Artwork Selected For Beth Israel Medical Center’s New Inpatient Building

Thanks to Boston Art, three Studio Shangri-La artworks will be included in BIDMC’s new inpatient building: White Azalea Panel, Sugar Maple Canopy & Cherry Blossom Trellis.

It’s a great honor to be part of such a significant public space where lots of people can enjoy these pieces.

The deco botanicals represent the beauty of patterns in nature, then reflected in art & technology, and how these can harmonize. Sugar Maple Canopy is part of an ongoing collection that also glorifies in portrait nature and its healing power, with special attention to composition and style. The original photographs were taken in Cambridge and Somerville.

More info to come on the opening of the building in Spring 2023.

Studio Shangri-La Podcast — Longevity & Immortality: Activating The Ageless Algorithm (2021)


This text of this episode is also available as a blog post:

As read by Sarah Ikerd here as part of the podcast series, with some modifications to the 2021 original.

Coming Soon 12.9.22 To OCTAVES Music: Odd Circuit “Miami 33139” Main + Dub Mix



Out 12.9.22 on major online outlets inc. Beatport —

ODD CIRCUIT • MIAMI 33139 • Main Mix ft. Rebel Veteran / Dub Mix

The Main clocks in over 7 minutes with a cool club vocal, while the shorter Dub mix is instrumental & groovy.

New Art Selections For The Studio Portfolio

NEW! Deco Rosa | Rosa Panel | Middle Earth | Nature Layers Panel | Milkweed Fiber | Milkweed Fiber BW | Autumn Bloom | Spider Lily | Begonia Bliss | Autumn Bloom Panel | Deco Spider Lily | Autumn Bloom BW | Spider Lily Tile | Autumn Bloom Panel BW | Spider Lily Pink Tile | Begonia Vortex

“Are not flowers the stars of the earth?” — Clara Balfour

Please keep in mind that’s a watermark / signature over the online images. The final product would of course not have those on it, but have an actual signature on the back or front corner. These are available on bamboo paper, canvas, glass, metal, ceramic and digital — and framed. The physical conceptual photography pieces are made to order and commissions are available. Not only is that efficient; it’s better for the environment. For physical works that are ready to order now, check out the Shop page which will be updated periodically as other paintings, sculpture, etc become available.

Chemistry + Philosophy: Biosynergy For A Better World by Studio Shangri-La Podcast

Studio Shangri-La presents a podcast series that explores the arts & sciences, philosophy and more.

— Read on–Philosophy-Biosynergy-For-A-Better-World-e1rajm3

New Artwork From Studio Shangri-La: Rococo Floral • Deco Botanical 🌹

Coming Soon To Portfolio

New artwork in the studio and much more to work on this winter, an abundance to be thankful for! A few of these pieces will be placed on the Portfolio page. For every work, there are usually a couple variations and then the favorites go to Portfolio.

Studio Shangri-La Podcast — Stay Tuned For Relaunch 🎙

Studio Shangri-La Podcast

Stay tuned for the relaunch of the Studio Shangri-La Arts & Sciences Podcast, featuring arts and sciences subtopics and others not limited to environment, philosophy, technology, society and culture.

If you would like to be featured and possibly on live in-studio broadcast, please reach with your idea(s) on the Contact page.

Upcoming On OCTAVES Music: Odd Circuit — Miami 33139 ft. Rebel Veteran

Odd Circuit — Miami 33139 ft. Rebel Veteran


Out 12.9.22 — Click here to hyperfollow

Genre: Electronic / Progressive House

Inspired by the return of Winter Music Conference in 2023 and recent travels!

Upcoming On OCTAVES MUSIC: Crunk Cyborg & Rebel Veteran • GOT CACHE • Album


Crunk Cyborg & Rebel Veteran • GOT CACHE • Album out 12/2 • the remastered singles

Click here for hyperfollow / notification of release

Genres & descriptors: Rap / Electro / Techno / Hip hop / Trip hop / Electronic / World / Funk / Crunk

Check Out The Studio Shangri-La Portfolio Page

Sugar Cane, one of many pieces in the Portfolio

There are a lot of new works coming up from Studio Shangri-La! In fact, I have tons to process.

In the meantime the existing portfolio is made up of different collections from Conceptual, Deco / Geometric to Realist, and Abstraction.

Prices are dependent on the project and size. Please reach out on the contact page.

New On OCTAVES Music: Crunk Cyborg & Rebel Veteran “Flout & Shout” + Upcoming Album


Out now on Beatport, Apple Music & more!

Full album remastered singles from them coming soon. 🎶

“Utopian Messages” Videobook ft. Music by Odd Circuit

Utopian Messages

Studio Shangri-La Publications video book – coming soon as an actual book

Music: “Flotation” by Odd Circuit

Pre-sale available on iTunes, Apple Music, Beatport

Official release date: 11/04/22

Out Today: “Gnosis II: Paradise Found” On § Publications

Gnosis II: Paradise Found

Out Today in Hardcover + Paperback

Description: Gnosis II by Studio Shangri-La Publications is an concept photography follow-up to the charcoal original, featuring works from the Deco Botanical & Sky collections. This one presents further development to the philosophical and spiritual journey & story.

OCTAVES Back Catalog On Beatport Inc. Odd Circuit “From The Vault EP”

concept photography by Studio Shangri-La

OCTAVES back catalog now available on Beatport including this Odd Circuit release. This 2018 EP contains cinematic melodic techno.

October Releases on OCTAVES Music 🎶

October Releases — Upcoming + Now (follow links to pre-save & pre-order):

Artemis Amenti – Sing For A Lifetime

Crunk Cyborg & Rebel Veteran – Hexaflop (Got Cache) (feat. Artemis Amenti)

Artemis Amenti – From The Vault II EP

Odd Circuit – How To Love (feat. KIRAN)

Odd Circuit – Piggy Bank (feat. Artemis Amenti & Rebel Veteran)


Upcoming on OCTAVES Music: Odd Circuit – Flotation 🎶



Coming soon November 4th with a healthy amount of bass and nature sounds to all major outlets including Beatport.


Genre: Electronic || Sub-genre: Progressive House || Description: Deep, Melodic, Instrumental

New Music Friday: Odd Circuit – How To Love ft. KIRAN **Out Now**

Out Now

OCTAVES SoundCloud

OCTAVES Music · Odd Circuit — How To Love ft KIRAN **Out Now**

UPCOMING On OCTAVES: Artemis Amenti – “Sing For A Lifetime”



OUT 10.28.22


Out Now On OCTAVES Music

This track is from back in August, due soon on all major outlets and Beatport, and is out on Apple Music and Spotify already.

It’s about going through Life’s challenges and triumphs and becoming a better person. It’s also about current events and the scope and nature of value, a slice of stirring philosophy for the dance floor.

This is a very melodic and moody vocal track that has a couple of peaks and dramatic moments, as well as a generous outro for mixing.

This is a collab of different artist aesthetics, and although Rebel Veteran’s part is minimal, it’s really effective in announcing the title of the track and adding a touch of humor. 

Art Feature *NEW* + Back Catalog: Decision Tree I, II & 33

Here’s the side-by-side of the two Decision Trees, studies in evolution, programming and nature. The first one is brand-new with pinks and purple, following a wave shape and making use of both symmetry and asymmetry. The new decision tree works well both vertically and horizontally. Once again, both of these are available in a variety of formats.


The above large horizontal piece “33” is from 2020 and is part of the Deco Industrial collection. Though the original photography is of overhead pipes, the title refers to the number of vertebrae in the human spine. Of course the number has other associations, but the spine is what directly inspired the creation of this, in that it’s functional architecture to say the least.

S.S. Podcast #3: Examining Biological Immortality In Nature–Podcast-3-Examining-Biological-Immortality-In-Nature-e1ndou0

Read here about a recently discovered 5,400 year old tree:

OCTAVES New Music Friday: Pre-Order & Upcoming Releases

Artemis Amenti — From The Vault II Ep **Originally composed 2018-2020

Rock / Pop / Country

5 tracks: 2020 Vision, I Am You Are, Paradiso, Ride The Earth, You Can Have My Data

Pre-Order Available NowOfficial Release Date 10/07/2022


Release Date 10/14/2022

Genres: Electronic, Dance, EDM, Progressive House

**Releases will be available on all major outlets with Electronic releases now available on Beatport**

*NEW* Art: Deco Botanical “Sugarcane – Saccharum officinarum”

Saccharum officinarum

Continuing on the deco botanical series, this new piece geometrically celebrates a well loved plant: “Sugarcane.” What’s especially interesting is this photo is of sugarcane growing wild in Massachusetts.It’s typically considered native to tropical regions. Please don’t flag the sugar as being invasive though! It can stay. 😆 Seriously, DNA is part sugar and salt.

In The Studio: The Process Of Mixed Media “Alchemy Sun”

“Alchemy Sun” in progress

“Alchemy Sun” has been a delight to work on and has inspired a patient, methodical mindset. Fitting with the title, the next stage of work on it will see it become more refined and bold. It’s already come a long way from the initial computer graphic inspiration to the canvas. Sometimes bringing a concept to life goes in multiple stages. This is the first mixed media for Studio Shangri-La and it has been a learning process of using different materials, such as Pyrite, Aluminum and of course Gold Leaf. Shaping these elements on the canvas has been a combination of sculpture and painting. What comes next for “Alchemy Sun,” symbolic of creation itself, celestial light, refinement and transformation — Is testing some new materials and finishes to create the final product. The main structure is of course in place and has been refined somewhat, so it’ll be interesting and fun to see how it further transforms.

Self Knowledge Trio — Primitive Conceptual Painting (2018-2022)

3 panels, framed in black

Self Knowledge is a three canvas or panel work and each piece is 18” x 24.”

They are: Lineage, Structure & Starwash.

For more about the meaning, check the shop page where the group, sold together, is listed for direct sale. It’s also available through Saatchi Art.

This is a project mostly completed in 2018, and is now having some finishing touches with thicker texture and shine, and then of course the framing.

New Music Friday: OCTAVES Label 🎶 Promo Previews 🎶

Dance tracks on the horizon

Next up for OCTAVES Music Dance & EDM is a collaboration between Odd Circuit, Artemis Amenti and Rebel Veteran. It’s a beautiful melodic track with a progressive House and somewhat took techno flavor. Whatever labels you want to put on it, it’s got an uplifting vocal as well as a sense of humor:

Also upcoming is a deep progressive house flavored track featuring a vocal by San Francisco artist KIRAN. The bass and the vocal on this one are really interesting, yet it’s got enough space to be used in a variety of DJ sets for example.

OCTAVES looks forward to the releases on the horizon! The label is available on all major online platforms and is coming soon to Beatport.

Are you a music artist who would like to be part of OCTAVES? The label encompasses many genres, hence the name. For questions and demo submissions, please see the contact page.

Studio Shangri-La inMotion Video Animations 🎞 🎨

Actual projects are much higher resolution

All of the pieces on the portfolio page and more are now available as video animations or GIFs.

The above video is a short sample of what’s possible including “Arrowroot” and “Vector.” Studio Shangri-La inMotion can be digital display or longer visual sequences.

It’s a great pleasure to expand the versatility of the artworks and make them even more dynamic!

Les impatiens Slideshow 🌺

Something about the character of these Fleurs evokes a French title here. A couple of these variations are featured in Deco Botanical and Nature Portraits on the Portfolio / Gallery page. Keep in mind — that for every piece on the portfolio page, there may well be 4-6 other variations!

NEW Art In Tropical Pink + New Format

“Tropical Pink Hasn’t Been Abolished” 2022

This is a funny title — in fact, the stuff dreams are made of. Yes, this phrase came in a dream, alongside a tropical pink 18 wheeler.

If you’d like to find out more about the composition of this new abstract, check out the fall 2022 edition of AMAZING magazine . ; )

The new format available is fat canvas that gives extra dimension, embellished with unique paint touch-ups and in the case of “Tropical Pink…” also some silver leaf.

Otherwise, the Portfolio / Gallery page is undergoing updates so that more of the current collections as well as new works are represented!

OCTAVES New Music Friday: Shambhala Duet For Classical Guitar

Listen here:

This is the latest of the sheet music series, a duet for classical guitar with a rock flavor.

“Shambhala” is a Buddhist word for a futuristic “kingdom” or mindset in which good is emphasized.

Deco Bostonia Collection Has A Charlestown Moment

From top left going clockwise: Bunker Hill Monument, Bunker Hill St. details, Monument detail, industrial detail across from fire station, detail of Breed’s Hill building

As you can see, some Charlestown scenery gets the Studio Shangri-La “Deco Bostonia” treatment — a collection devoted to Greater Boston.

For more details on how to order please visit the Contact page.

Studio Shangri-La Publications: Transcription of Bach Cello Suite No.1 For Guitar In G Major

Out today on Amazon:

After 20 years this transcription of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 for guitar gets its due. What’s special about it? Well, it’s transcribed in the original cello key, which means the guitar tuning in the bass strings drops to C and G.

The drop tuning is sonorous and stirring like the original. It’s important to make sure the guitar has settled into this tuning through so one doesn’t pitch bending out of tune. A fresh pair of strings lends well to this, or even having more than one guitar in a performance situation.

This is a meticulously hand written score and many of the markings are interpretive. There’s some left to stylistic interpretation as well, and based on the performer. Such is Bach! I felt it important to publish the absolute original version of the transcription. And then the next edition will be a digitally rendered score.

The art was made with and came out delightfully. Enjoy!

AMAZING magazine Fall 2022 Issue 𑁍

AMAZING is a modern publication by Studio Shangri-La that combines art gallery, science journal, philosophy periodical, and literary magazine all into one fanciful exhibit.

The Fall 2022 edition includes memes from Utopian Messages, science articles, science fiction, quotations, much art, poetry and even food.

Print copies of AMAZING magazine Fall 2022 are available now. Here’s the purchase link:

Submissions for upcoming seasonal issues: Please see the Contact page. Authors will be compensated based on sales through Amazon KDP.

Studio Shangri-La’s Signature Deco Botanicals

The Deco Botanicals collection is getting to be extensive with a lot of plants expressed in this blend of nature & tech. The vision is biosynergy.

These pieces take already striking photos and amp them up with [more] geometry. They’re available in a variety of formats, and would even lend themselves well to NFTs.

For more info see the Contact page.

§ Publications: “Awasis” Serial Sci-Fi Novel On Kindle Vella

All aboard the inter-dimensional spacecraft!The serial science fiction novel “Awasis” begins on Kindle Vella, set mainly in the Boötes constellation as well as Earth. This utopian series involves history, technology, animals and nature.

Nature Portraits: A Teeming Collection

These are a few of the growing Studio Shangri-La collection of Nature Portraits in which the botanical is presented with personality, popping color and painterly flare. These selections above are more straightforward studies while others in the collections have been more stylized. The contemporary serene Nature Portraits and also modern tech Deco Botanicals are both collections that continue to grow with lush beauty. These can be produced in a variety of mediums and sizes.

OCTAVES Music Extra ☀️ SEVENTEEN – Darl+ing (Odd Circuit Hot Sun Remix)
OCTAVES on Soundcloud

Odd Circuit with a remix of K-pop favorites SEVENTEEN and their hit “Darl+ing” — this is a swervy, complex and beautiful rendition that threads in the different vocal harmonies like a tapestry, over a healthy beat and turns one keyboard part into guitar, among other features. Enjoy!