OCTAVES Music Extra ☀️ SEVENTEEN – Darl+ing (Odd Circuit Hot Sun Remix)

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Odd Circuit with a remix of K-pop favorites SEVENTEEN and their hit “Darl+ing” — this is a swervy, complex and beautiful rendition that threads in the different vocal harmonies like a tapestry, over a healthy beat and turns one keyboard part into guitar, among other features. Enjoy!

Deco Bostonia: The MBTA Series

The MBTA Series of prints is graphic and playful, conceptual and geometric photography that mimics games and ink blots.

All of these original photos that the prints are based on were taken on site at different train stations. As Bostonians are well aware, the train lines — Especially the orange — Have been undergoing upgrades lately.

Perhaps this goes without saying — this series definitely celebrates public transportation. All the signage in bold print lends itself well to artistic reinterpretation from the lens to the editing board.

See Contact page to message on ordering prints in different sizes, and in a variety of mediums — from cards, to poster print to traditional framing, or framed canvas, on to mounted glass to metal prints.

Studio Shangri-La Publications: Tria Lumina Suite For Classical Guitar


Purchase link: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/bookshelf?ref_=kdp_kdp_TAC_TN_bs

Continuing on the music publications front, this next score written in 2017 is a short sweet for classical guitar that consists of three parts.

The theme is light, creative inspiration and spirit. More to come!

Adventures In VR Part II & III: Game On! + The Conclusion 🥴


“Play to keep your mind young.”

Okay, this is a follow up post and it seems I’ve since adapted to the VR environment. I had to take it all in first. Recently, I’ve started playing games, which to my extra surprise is super fun and delightful. I’ve discovered that the controllers buzz for a simulated tactile interface in some games, which definitely helps. Still though, I take it in small doses.

What I tried recently is the Oculus intro experience called First Steps and it includes a few games, including shooting at moving geometric objects for points, like target practice. I like that I can play like that with adrenaline, the accuracy and acuity without it being violent. That virtual environment is beautifully designed. You can also dance with a robot that mirrors your moves!

I felt like a kid. And nowhere does it say that enjoying virtual reality, which is uniquely different, means you give up on actual reality. However I do believe in moderation, and I consider the effects it has on me.

I like VR because it’s interactive, much more than video or computer games; and very much unlike TV and movies, which is passive. The games can get quite physical! And the worlds are magically immersive.

So far I’ve also been awed by anything space related in VR so far, especially the space explorers ISS series. Another great view has been being underwater! All this makes great sense because those realms are less accessible to humans, especially space – but that’s changing !

Again, I should point out that I would not stay in VR as it is presently for extended periods. The contrast actually makes me appreciate my physicality — being a body — exercise and outdoor time even more, although I do appreciate that a lot anyways.

This is just an opinion to finish up: It seems like too much of this would have an adverse affect on young kids that are growing and developing. When you’re a kid it’s very important to develop physiologically, including not limited to coordination and spatial awareness, strength, and overall knowledge of environment.

I also believe that graphic violent content and imagery can have adverse effect on anyone. That’s an opinion of course, but one based on experience.

As an adult, starting to engage with virtual reality, I feel I have a solid foundation of knowledge and awareness to be able to differentiate environments and my different perceptions. I even feel like it’s causing some new and positive growth & adaptations!

This may sound a little goofy to those already initiated, but to me it’s definitely a new frontier. I’m still really impressed and amazed by reality reality !! 😁🤗 🦅


As you can tell from what I’ve written so far I have really enjoyed virtual reality and using the Oculus Quest 2 periodically. However — And this is a big however — When I started using it a tad more frequently and trying different programs I started experiencing more residual side effects again like vertigo and a sort of sensory weirdness. I even had trouble going to sleep a couple times which doesn’t usually happen to me. The Quest 2 also some with heavy and restricts peripheral vision. Although it was a fun adventure trying it get out and I’m glad that I got to, I’ve decided that with the technology in interphase the way that it is, it just isn’t worth the discomfort and weird side effects. That said – I had some incredible experiences with it as I described before with different space programs and other immersive programs like First Life narrated by Sir David Attenborough. (By the way, I think being aboard the actual ISS would be less disorienting than the Oculus program!) Perhaps I’ll return to VR in future iterations of the technology.

New Music Friday Special Feature: Katy Perry Harleys In Hawaii Remix

Just in time for the weekend & it’s still summer !! Really happy to post this epic Odd Circuit 7:50 club/dance mix called the “Electric Jetski Remix” to fit the times. It really plays up the lush vocal.

THIS unmastered version IS NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES — for listening enjoyment only 🌴 😎

OCTAVES Music Goes Neoclassical

Solo classical guitar

“Nirvana” was more or less composed by improvisation, though with a couple of parameters.

I decided to map the letters of the word over the sequence of musical keys and that decided the notes for the theme. Reason being, I wanted to create something evocative yet that I wouldn’t normally create.

The result is a mini symphony of influences, as both polyphonic classical guitar and piano lend themselves to, Blends different tonalities and emotions.

This can imply that reaching a Nirvana state can be complex and multifaceted Or involve a lot of different experiences. There are also some dynamic chordal moments That remind me a little bit of the band Nirvana. that was some of the first music I ever played the first time I picked up a guitar When I was a kid.

This recording sounds vintage like it was made a hundred years ago — I realize this. It’s likely this and other scores will be coming soon as PDF downloads!

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The Magenta Cube: My Experience With VR

Around the time I started back in on reading GEB: an eternal golden braid by Douglas Hofstadter I experienced a very vivid sculptural dream image. And it’s not unusual for me to have unusual dreams because I actively engage my creativity in waking hours.

The sculptural scenario that I saw in the dream was of a large concrete magenta cube sitting atop a large round cream colored marble table. Furthermore, the table was sitting on top of a large cream colored and luxurious looking rug that was rumpled, so that it looks like a rippling surface. I’m going even further – all of this was sitting in the larger Grecian style temple made also of marble of the same color. And the magenta cube atop the table was sitting in this large expanse, an open area of the temple. Talk about one universal allegory of an installation!

The scene was/is beautiful and looks like it should be part of an experiential museum exhibit. Anyway, this powerful imagery prompted me to seek out my first AI generated art experience with the app Wombo.AI.

I was dazzled by what the algorithms could produce in different styles from the inputs of different words and phrases. The above image of the magenta cube was generated using the app. I had to test a few different configurations of words in order to get something that looks mostly like the dream. AI art from what I can tell readily embraces the surreal or dreamlike subjects.

As I said before, the book I’ve been reading deals with among other topics code, systems, logic, patterns, wordplay and so much more.

I came to relate the cube to a joyous core of creation, nested inside other ensuing levels of creation or pattern generation, root geometry inside architecture.

Here’s where I get vaguely into computer science (That’s appropriate after all because that’s how the image was generated) — Moving down levels in a memory stack or dimensions towards source is referred to as recursion or “pushing” and then moving out or up levels is I believe “popping” or called iteration.

Back to GEB, I imagine Bach developing out the theme of a fugue — It could go anywhere, but there are certain rules based on what came before In order to produce a result and Further the sequence.

Of course the giant cube at Mecca is black like space. I think of this also and what I’ve been learning about traditions and sacred geometry. The symbolism Of the magenta (choice of my subconscious) cube is important to me in this way also, As a representation of source energy, God, love, desire, curiosity and the creation of reality. And Everything that comes from that creative wellspring as an AKA.

All right thus far I traveled from dream image to AI arts, and literature. And what is AI but another iteration of intelligence, Another branch in the larger decision tree.

One of many interesting qualities about this is the incorporation of 2D or flat dimensional qualities and then some that go far beyond, Especially by mental association.

The technology can be a reflection or examination of self and humanity. What I have experienced so far is that it can also be expansion or recursion, an exploration of perception.

Okay, next stop: I’ve become one of the first 300,000 Oculus users in the world. My experience with advanced AI prompted me to explore.

The unboxing and initial experience was truly magical. Although, with the Quest 2 I’m trying not to use it too much because I got some vertigo. I wasn’t even playing crazy games; I was just testing out the moves — having the ability to go either glide between objects or teleport. Well, my brain was like “Woah Keanu!”

It made me feel like I was a Quantum Particle darting around on a circuitboard. Perhaps needless to say, I was a bit disoriented is the aftermath. I felt somewhat disembodied. Now, I realize this isn’t much of an advertisement for the Oculus, but to be fair if I use fewer movements for shorter duration this doesn’t happen.

What experiencing the sensation of teleportation, in a way, is doing to me I can’t exactly say but I can say this it’s been mind expanding. And hey, I’m looking forward to actual teleportation!

I should emphasize what amazing technology the Meta Oculus system is. I was even moved to tears by immersive spaceflight program. Yes, the technology has a lot farther to go. For one thing, the gear should be lightweight and minimal eventually, and there should be tactile or haptic interface. For my part anyway, my extremities became disoriented by the fact that I could move around and move objects but I could not feel them.

Just to reiterate, if I am judicious with my movements and I don’t use the VR for as long that doesn’t become an issue. To be honest, I view the experience Like a treat or mini getaway. After all, I’m looking forward to actual space flight! Until that point though the VR experience is special, Definitely a science-fiction dream come true, Precursor to the holodeck, and a world within a world.

And that comes back to the magenta cube and concept. You have your source field which coalesces into a core and then from there develops out in many different directions into whatever else. And you move your branches forward or back them Up like an RNA protein moving DNA, which Hofstadter’s book talks about as well.

The best conclusion here is that my experience with AI and virtual reality so far has been positive because I have chosen to them be and I am exercising some moderation. I’ve also been willing to engage, clearly, in some self reflection. The thing about a recursion or expansion of one’s reality is that one has a certain implicit responsibility to direct it in the way that one wants it to go.

Lastly lastly, I am so unmotivated to find an actual magenta cube because it was quite aesthetically pleasing! All in all, Who knows how many housings are actually around it. 😆

Titus Oceanus: A Sculptural Journey

Titus Oceanus

Titus: honorable or strong; of the giants

Oceanus: the ocean, of the ocean

This 7 foot driftwood piece is available in the Square shop and here’s the story:

This highly sculptural piece of driftwood showed up seemingly out of place in an urban environment. On my walk I passed by it several times before deciding to pick it up. It wasn’t going anywhere; just drying in the sun on an industrial sort of fishing area next to the locks.

I decided to get it because fallen wood is ideal to work with environmentally. And this piece is truly striking, like a creature or barque from the deep. After I saw a whale in a dream, that confirmed the project!

Process & materials:

First I washed the piece off and let it dry again.

Next I applied a coat of refined coconut oil, let it dry.

After that I applied a few coats of charcoal paint that I made simply by mixing charcoal powder with water.

Next came the application of mulberry juice stain from fresh mulberries and also a brewed black coffee stain.

The final coats are silicone oil, and this can be used for touch-up.

The end result is a deep dark rich uniform brown that also accents the natural shape and texture of the wood.

I’m especially proud of this piece and process because the treatment of it is completely non-toxic. Whereas, you see lots of warnings on stains and finishes in the hardware store. I took care in selecting low impact and even nourishing substances.

I did my best to, in my mind, respect this offering from nature. When I made the charcoal paint, I was inspired by the Chinese calligraphy book I was reading, which came my way from a public book bin.

This natural sculpture definitely deserves prominent display.

Health, Tech + Philosophy: Upgrading Medical Care In The USA

Understanding of Micro & Macro / From neurons & Galactic framework

How can medical or healthcare in the USA be upgraded?

By incorporating the latest non-invasive technologies, with some of the oldest concepts and philosophies.

Western [colonized] medicine has been held back and stunted by nonsensical institutionalized barbarism against biology and nature.

What strikes me and many others I’ve talked to, is the small mindedness of many medical practices that operate by an obfuscated rule book, and like a business.

Go in for an evaluation and one gets cryptic replies, little advice, referrals to specialists and then a large bill.

Onward from the frustration though, what can practically be done?

That’s traced to education, which needs to be cross-functional like life itself. Take the tree-like structure of neurons and expand that up to intergalactic levels for example. Everything is interconnected systems.

Therefore, it makes no sense to treat segments of the body as if they were isolated from each other and from nature, with no ability to heal themselves and do what they do. That’s just not the case. We can see and experience that. The body has miraculous intelligence that’s evolved over millennia. Our modern consciousness has blossomed from that.

Somehow the medical perspective has become very convoluted, like a programming rabbit hole. Well, it’s time to get real. I should be able to visit a doctor who will readily share insight! And who understands anatomy, themselves and physical fitness, and electrical energy, for starters.

Other sectors have become comparably far more advanced, such as computing, physics and astronomy.

Medicine must be informed by this. It’s far too insular and businesslike for the good of society. The human biological and yes philosophical relationship within self and to others, must come into focus. There’s no way to have data without context, or meaning.

Also — I’ve written before about the re-entry of [native] plant medicine, the earth’s bountiful remedies, and about non-invasive energy medicines such as directed meditation and sonic therapies.

And for more urgent situations there are newer sound and light healing and burgeoning precision genetic technologies that must be allowed to proliferate and be accessible to everyone. Otherwise, why go the doctor? Why go in if one does not receive any kind of care or type of healing?

And here’s a huge point:

What can be further understood also is of course the already incredibly advanced technology of the human body itself. We can continue to explore the possibilities and advancements within ourselves, our genetic code, with trust.

“In god we trust.” That’s on our money. Well, biology is a form of God.

What kind of faith is it that believes that death has to occur by fighting life. Energy is shown to be deathless anyway by physics.

An interpretation of western industrialized medicine is that there’s always fighting and dying and battling going on, and in the world of microorganisms. Well, especially with what we know of the quantum observer effect, is that really the desired perception or focus? For me anyway, it’s not.

What made some people think there’s all this violence going in inside us? The violence without perhaps, the confusion of rapidly developing intelligence… Inside, it’s clearly a massively cooperative effort; otherwise, we wouldn’t be here. But perception can get skewed in a lot of cases, and some things go foolishly against nature, creating undesirables, like covering the earth in asphalt and then wondering why it’s getting hotter.

We learn though, and then it’s time to apply the lessons.

In an infinite universe of powerful energies, it simply doesn’t make sense to try and create the illusions of scarcity or denial. I think that’s great to consider.

Self realization is there for the development of any person, of ones genetic code, that is programmable, reprogrammable and can be expanded upon.

Unfortunately “western” healthcare has been based on the retraction of self knowledge, and perhaps to say the least an also unfortunate turn of some peoples on the evolutionary decision tree, which amounts to a philosophical detour away from Earth or nature.

It’s ironic because the institutionalized medicine that’s been put forth by academia in the US often pridefully describes being lofty and data driven. Well, you can’t just spit out numbers. As I mentioned before, there’s always some kind of perspective and context. SO, better make it useful and constructive!

In an infinite universe of universes especially, there’s no *good reason to create doctrines of limitation, or try and deprive others of freedom or knowledge, or exploration. And now at last we’re expanding to other planets.

In saying this about life, healthcare, the universe and everything, I know that we can and will do better.