Les impatiens Slideshow 🌺

Something about the character of these Fleurs evokes a French title here. A couple of these variations are featured in Deco Botanical and Nature Portraits on the Portfolio / Gallery page. Keep in mind — that for every piece on the portfolio page, there may well be 4-6 other variations!

NEW Art In Tropical Pink + New Format

“Tropical Pink Hasn’t Been Abolished” 2022

This is a funny title — in fact, the stuff dreams are made of. Yes, this phrase came in a dream, alongside a tropical pink 18 wheeler.

If you’d like to find out more about the composition of this new abstract, check out the fall 2022 edition of AMAZING magazine . ; )

The new format available is fat canvas that gives extra dimension, embellished with unique paint touch-ups and in the case of “Tropical Pink…” also some silver leaf.

Otherwise, the Portfolio / Gallery page is undergoing updates so that more of the current collections as well as new works are represented!

OCTAVES New Music Friday: Shambhala Duet For Classical Guitar


Listen here: https://on.soundcloud.com/pFPzVTdzaJBTergRA

This is the latest of the sheet music series, a duet for classical guitar with a rock flavor.

“Shambhala” is a Buddhist word for a futuristic “kingdom” or mindset in which good is emphasized.

Deco Bostonia Collection Has A Charlestown Moment

From top left going clockwise: Bunker Hill Monument, Bunker Hill St. details, Monument detail, industrial detail across from fire station, detail of Breed’s Hill building

As you can see, some Charlestown scenery gets the Studio Shangri-La “Deco Bostonia” treatment — a collection devoted to Greater Boston.

For more details on how to order please visit the Contact page.

Studio Shangri-La Publications: Transcription of Bach Cello Suite No.1 For Guitar In G Major


Out today on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BC5JJXNV#

After 20 years this transcription of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 for guitar gets its due. What’s special about it? Well, it’s transcribed in the original cello key, which means the guitar tuning in the bass strings drops to C and G.

The drop tuning is sonorous and stirring like the original. It’s important to make sure the guitar has settled into this tuning through so one doesn’t pitch bending out of tune. A fresh pair of strings lends well to this, or even having more than one guitar in a performance situation.

This is a meticulously hand written score and many of the markings are interpretive. There’s some left to stylistic interpretation as well, and based on the performer. Such is Bach! I felt it important to publish the absolute original version of the transcription. And then the next edition will be a digitally rendered score.

The art was made with Wombo.ai and came out delightfully. Enjoy!

AMAZING magazine Fall 2022 Issue 𑁍


AMAZING is a modern publication by Studio Shangri-La that combines art gallery, science journal, philosophy periodical, and literary magazine all into one fanciful exhibit.

The Fall 2022 edition includes memes from Utopian Messages, science articles, science fiction, quotations, much art, poetry and even food.

Print copies of AMAZING magazine Fall 2022 are available now. Here’s the purchase link:


Submissions for upcoming seasonal issues: Please see the Contact page. Authors will be compensated based on sales through Amazon KDP.

Podcast on Anchor FM — Ep. 1 Maximizing Human Regeneration


Something new! Kicking off the podcast with this previous article post. This material is representative of the series content that includes arts & sciences, philosophy, tech and more.


Studio Shangri-La’s Signature Deco Botanicals

The Deco Botanicals collection is getting to be extensive with a lot of plants expressed in this blend of nature & tech. The vision is biosynergy.

These pieces take already striking photos and amp them up with [more] geometry. They’re available in a variety of formats, and would even lend themselves well to NFTs.

For more info see the Contact page.

§ Publications: “Awasis” Serial Sci-Fi Novel On Kindle Vella


All aboard the inter-dimensional spacecraft!The serial science fiction novel “Awasis” begins on Kindle Vella, set mainly in the Boötes constellation as well as Earth. This utopian series involves history, technology, animals and nature.

Nature Portraits: A Teeming Collection

These are a few of the growing Studio Shangri-La collection of Nature Portraits in which the botanical is presented with personality, popping color and painterly flare. These selections above are more straightforward studies while others in the collections have been more stylized. The contemporary serene Nature Portraits and also modern tech Deco Botanicals are both collections that continue to grow with lush beauty. These can be produced in a variety of mediums and sizes.