Tech + Biophysics: Using Molecular Vibration To Arrange Matter ++ RE-POST of “Tables of molecular vibrational frequencies, Vol. 1-2”

All the conceptual information Necessary to make huge strides in nondestructive sustainable technologies is already out there. These volumes of molecular vibrational frequencies are exhibits A and B.

I’ve Been posting a lot about the frontier of sound and light technologies and this is a continuation of that.

Molecular vibration techniques have application from medicine and engineering, to manufacturing and environment.

Frequency overtones and the harmonic series can be used to achieve molecular editing and reformation

To measure molecular vibration, a highly specific and non destructive optical technique called Raman spectroscopy is employed.

Furthermore, there could also be a catalog of Cymatics, if there isn’t already — that is, which frequencies create which shapes, or wave patterns.

The method of frequency application then determines whether a molecule becomes dissociated or how it (re)forms.

Then, Machine learning can come into play for complex arrays of frequency data to select from, combine and sequence. The machine learning program functions here as the mechanical operator of the frequency orchestra.

So again, after all: “Music is the answer to your problems.”

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